We are a young family, that has decided to embark on yet another journey of self-discovery, but also finances and economics, with the lofty goal of helping our fellow man and woman.

The idea behind this business endeavor is to cater to a need most familiar to those away from their family, be it in the North America, Africa, and even Europe.

As many, we often hope to send a care package to our loved ones overseas, but costs and delays can be prohibitive. Similarly, those further away wished they had access to the same amenities and goods as those who have such access thateasy.

Comes the great equalizer: the internet ! If one can shop online in France, why couldn't they do so in Cameroon, Nigeria, as they do in Nepal ? They can and they should ! The internet has made the world a 'small village', and anyone can shop in its marketplace.

The last hurdle beyond internet connectivity, is how to get the purchased goods. That is where our company aims to bridge the North-South gap. We will make it easy for you to purchase, receive, or send goods to whichever destination you desire.

Kindly browse our "HOW IT WORKS" section to learn how easy it is to purchase and ship goods overseas !


     Dr. Steve-Felix and Mrs. Mireille Gracia Belinga


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