How it Works

Folks in remote areas of the world can now have access to online merchandise through this portal, where many vendors are listed. 

If you are in possession of a Credit Card, or PayPal you can:
    1.  Browse your items online, purchase them, and ship them directly to:


         4300 Rogers Ave
         Ste 20  #145
         Fort Smith, AR 72903

    2. Pay the Shipping Fees via Credit Card or PayPal on the website

    3. Your package will arrive within the expected time frame.

Without a Credit Card or PayPal:

    1. Browse your items online

    2. Let us know what they are and where you find them 

    3. We will compile those items in a cart to reflect the total you obtained yourself

    4. We will give you the Total: Cost of Merchandise + Shipping Fee

    5. Half (50%) of the money is due at the order

    6. Half (50%) is due upon delivery of the items

    7. The deposit is made locally to one of our partners

    8. Once the deposit is received, your items will be shipped and received within the 

         expected time frame

Without a Credit Card or PayPal, and Not Sure How To Shop Online (applies to only non-US consumers)

    1. We can assign you a consultant, who can help with your shopping needs

    2. The consultant will be equipped with a laptop computer with a solid internet connection

    3. The Consultation Fee is $10 (or equivalent) for 1/2 day (4hrs), and $20 (or equivalent)

         for a full 8-hr day

Noteworthy items:

 - We do not resell merchandise, nor is it our business.

- The price you get from the vendor is the price you pay. No upcharge.

- We cannot transport illegal substances or products, as outlawed by the US Government or your local government or the shipping vessels we will use.

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