Nicole Deschamps


Amandine Desjardins        +237682414470

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 Gilberte Bita'a +237694311454



1. The minimum fee for any item is $20 (or equivalent in local currency)

2. The fee evolves by weight and by volume henceforth, as such     
- full suitcase (by weight or by volume) costs $250    
- 1/2 suitcase (by weight or by volume costs $125 
3. Two options are available:   
- Shipping by Air: 2-4 week delivery delay    
- Shipping by Sea: 2-4 month delivery delay

4. Fees are payable    
- via Credit Card, Paypal    
- via Express Union, Orange Money, MTN Money, and others to come    
- A receipt will be given via email or print each time

All items can be inspected at delivery by the customer and the delivery agent. If the customer is not satisfied on the spot, a full refund of the price paid will be given, minus the shipping cost. Returns will not be accepted beyond the interaction at delivery. This applies only to merchandise delivered by air. No refund on deliveries by sea.

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